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ESG and Sustainable Investing - While sustainable investing has become a more mainstream concept, investors in the sector face challenges. One of the most pressing issues is a lack of access to reliable and consistent ESG data. Investors rely on ESG data to identify which companies may be best positioned to succeed in a sustainable world. However, the lack of consistent reporting standards for ESG data presents a major barrier to the increased adoption of sustainable investing. Sustainability-focused investors no longer want to rely solely on outside recommendations and ESG “scores,” while those new to the space are wary of so-called greenwashing, where managers make unwarranted claims about ESG integration. For the sustainable investing movement to continue to grow, it’s critical that all parties work together on improvements in the quality, quantity and accessibility of ESG data. ESG and Impact Investing - Almost everywhere we look, someone is talking about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues—financial media, investing conferences, even friends and family. Investors have taken notice and continue to add assets, while money managers further expand their sustainable investment offerings. ESG integration strategies have grown rapidly and show potential to add value for investors.  This Panel will discuss latest trends and opportunities

July 7, 2020
9:40 am
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