London Fintech Week 2019
4-10 July 2019

133 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BX

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The original is back. 
Fintech Week 2019

The original London Fintech Week is back for the 6th year in a row. Held in London, the heart of the Fintech revolution, the annual event brings together the Fintech sector in London and beyond to discuss the latest developments in Fintech. Delegates come from around the globe to engage in one of the world’s leading financial ecosystems.

Expect over 400 delegates per day from 50 countries and over 2,000 participants throughout the week at a series of conferences, hackathons, meet-ups and networking events. Last year at the London Fintech Week Hackathon alone, we had delegates from 44 countries! It’s truly an international event with delegates from around the world congregating to learn of the latest Fintech trends globally.

Keeping abreast within the Fintech space of all the technological developments, the disruptors, the changing legal and economic landscape, and how it all impacts on a global scale can be hard. Which is why London Fintech week is the ‘go-to’ event for credible, understandable and actionable knowledge and information for government, academia and industry to get ahead of the latest developments.

London Fintech Week brings together key influencers and decision makers. There is no better place to learn about the latest in global progress, the challenges and innovations in Fintech and to prepare for a brighter future.

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Fintech Week 2019

Join Bankers, developers, researchers, founders, investors, executives and government to discover the future of money and financial services.

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Core Event Themes

Our core event themes will cover the most pressing topics in the future of finance. Come and learn about:

• New Models of Fintech Evolution
• Regulatory Challenges
• Insurance
• Data Economy
• Fintech in Emerging Markets
• The Rise of Challenger Banks
• Fintech and the VC Landscape
• Big Tech and Banking
• Decentralised Finance
• AI in Finance

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Our Speakers

Zulfiqar Deo

Co-Founder of BizGees

Kurtis Lindqvist

Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Director at LINX (The London Internet Exchange)

Richard Levin

Chair, FinTech and Regulation at Polsinelli

Morten Nielsen

CFO & Co-Founder at ARYZE

Olga Dolchenko

CEO at Future • Finance

Greg Michel

Head of Sectors (Fintech, Cybersecurity & Applied AI) at Tech Nation

Valli Ardalan

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing at Earthport

Karen Croxson

Head of Research and Deputy Chief Economist at The FCA

Ivana Bartoletti

Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv

Matthew Mims

Co-founder, COO at hiveonline

Jenny Yang

Founder & CEO at Blockglobe

Barry Sheerman

Member of Parliament

Talis Putnins

Professor of Finance at University of Technology Sydney

Ian Dowson

Principal at William garrity associates

ChristyAna Taveras

Global Strategy Director at Wonder Makerspace and Co-Founder & Partner at ACT Ventures

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Fintech partnerships offer a fast and iterative approach to innovation without the need for massive capital expenditures – and they can also help to promote a higher standard of trust with customers.

Peer-to-Peer Payment Systems

Peer-to-peer payment systemshave gained traction amongst the millennial generation and are beginning tomake their way to the broader consumer population as banks consider the appealin this convenient, paper-free payment approach. It’s all digital and almostimmediate (transferring the money to a bank account can take a couple days),giving the consumer autonomy

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can process enormousamounts of data that traditional analytics programs can’t handle, includingdata scraped constantly off the borrower’s phone. It can find patterns ofcreditworthiness or lack thereof on its own, without having to be told of everyclue and correlation.” By relying on data and algorithms, there are new ways tooffer a faster, more accurate and unbiased way to determine a consumer’s creditworthiness and their corresponding interest rate.

Mobile Tech with a Twist

Fintech startups are using the mobile platformto offer services that help consumers better manage their money. They are givingconsumer’s insight into their spending habits — offering them tools to seewhere their money is going and how they can better prepare for the future. It’sall about transparency and putting the consumer in control of their financialhealth.

Robo Advisors

Startups are offering computer-generatedfinancial advice in place of a human financial advisor. While the technology tocreate automated investment advice is not new, access to it (by those who arenot wealth managers) is. It’s simpler, more accessible and cheaper for theconsumer. All wins in the digital age.




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// 2019
133 Houndsditch,
London, EC3A 7AH,
4 - 10   JULY


Bringing the latest in Fintech and Blockchain to London.
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Blockchain Hackathon

Fintech Week Hackathons are a London Institution.  The Hackathon will be held at Cocoon Networks at Finsbury Square and generally attracts 200 participants from over 40 countries. Register now and be part of an exciting, informative, fun and inspirational weekend. We attract developers, designers, business analysts, VCs, executives and learners.  Our mentors make sure you have a great learning experience.  This year ALL participants who are in a pitch team at the Hackathon will be able to attend London Fintech Week FREE OF CHARGE!

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What better way to kick off the 6th Annual London Fintech Week than with an evening for Women In Blockchain? We welcome you to discover and learn more about Blockchain from distinguished speakers and panellists all dedicated to encouraging women in the space. And we encourage you to network in a relaxed and friendly environment, sharing a glass of wine, experiences and insights with Blockchain novices and experts alike. The event is to be held at Cocoon Networks in Finsbury Square and it is open to everyone but please register as space is limited.

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